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A project we did in Staten island where we replaced their existing steel flagpole with a new aluminum one.


Below is a project we did in Astoria NY at a public park.



Below is a project we did in Pennsylvania which entailed removed their existing flagpole but using the existing foundation. Existing pole was removed and a 1-1/2″ thick steel plate was slipped over the existing stub and welded.



Below was a project where we painted and reroped a roof top flag.


Below is another roof mounted flagpole in Queens NY that was painted and reroped.


Below was a project we did at a NYPD police precinct. The existing steel flagpole that was a tilt pole which means it could be tilted down to replace the rope / paint the pole. The set up was rusted and was not used for years. We removed all the steel and welded a plate which allows an aluminum flagpole to be attached. They don’t have to worry about the pole rusting anymore.


Below is a project  in New Jersey. This was a pole in a park which we sanded down to bare metal , primed , painted and replaced the hardware on top.



Below was a project in Queens where we serviced a roof top flagpole . New hardware and rope. Before they had a single pulley truck . We replaced it with a revolving double pulley truck .


Below is a project where we installed a 30′ roof top flagpole @ CASA Building Materials in the Bronx.





Below is another roof top mounted flagpole which was attached to their existing AC supports.






Below is a internal halyard flagpole that we had to recable






20′ Flagpole mounted on top of a gas station canopy.




Flagpole climb in Queens NY .




Flagpole service call at a school in New Jersey. Reroped an internal halyard flagpole and changed out some hardware.