NYC Clothes line ladder / pole removal

NYC Clothes Line Ladder & Pole Removal

Do you have a clothes line pole that needs to be removed?

We can help.

If we can get a truck back there then that makes our job easier or if not we can set up scaffolding.

Do you have a existing clothes line pole that needs to be removed? Is it rusting or falling a part? Is it a danger?

If we can get a truck in there to remove the existing pole its alot easier / faster / cheaper.

If we can not get a truck in there we can set up a scaffold.

IMG_4739 Our skilled mechanics can safely remove your pole . We are equipped with scaffolding to get into areas we can not get our trucks, oxy acetylene torches to cut down the steel and we also remove the debris as well.

Call us for more information. 718-374-5175.

Don’t risk an accident. Call us and let us deal with it instead.

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The crew showed up exactly as scheduled and went to work immediately. They were good natured and knowledgeable-will not hesitate to use them in future. This is what good service should be!