Internal Halyard Flagpole Repair NYC

Internal halyard flagpoles use a stainless steel cable which gets raised and lowered by inserting a crank handle on the side of the pole and cranking the line up or down. This system is very reliable but has to be maintained.




Above are some pictures of a job we just completed. We replaced the rope , truck , counter weight and ball ring . We also installed a new flag. 





New truck and gold ball
Old counter weight VS New Counter Weight


Old truck which needed to be replaced. The cable cut through the brass bushing and cut though the housing.
Old ball retainer ring VS new ball retainer ring The worn out ball cause friction when the flag is being raised.
















Common maintenance on these types of flagpoles are the rope , counter weight , and ball ring .It is rare fro the truck to go bad like it did above but we have them in stock just in case. We stock most common parts so we can get the job done on the first trip.

The main cause for problems with internal halyard flagpoles would be the operator not opening the door on the pole and watching the cable properly wind on the drum. If this is not done and the cable  catches any slack ( this happens when the counter weight is not pulling on the cable) it will not wrap properly around the drum and if the operator keeps cranking the cable will birdcage.

If this does happen when we come down to service the pole we would have to cut the cable out in piece by piece  to get it off the drum. This is the most common problem we see with this type of flagpole. The rope is made of 1/8″ 7×19 stainless steel cable which is very strong and will last many years to come. We recommend you lube the crank mechanism atleast once a year for a residential pole and every month for a commercial flagpole that is being raised and lowered everyday.


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The crew showed up exactly as scheduled and went to work immediately. They were good natured and knowledgeable-will not hesitate to use them in future. This is what good service should be!


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