NYC Area Wood Utility Pole Supplier & Installer

NYC Area Wood Utility Pole Supplier & Installer



We are a flagpole sales , installation and service company and we also supply and install wood utility poles. Wood utility poles are typically used for electrical and communication lines.In NYC , Manhattan , Bronx , Staten Island , and Brooklyn when Con Edison supplies electricity to any property a wood utility pole is required to attach their service to.

We are also a MBE and DBE certified company. We work with many government agencies  like NYC DEP , NYPD , FDNY , City Of Yonkers , and more. Safety is our #1 priority. Utility poles weigh hundreds of pounds and can cause serious injury or even death.

We also replace existing wood utility  poles that have either broken , rotted out , just need services repaired give us a call at 718-374-5175.

Do you need just a wood utility pole in the tri-state area with out installation? We can a deliver a pole straight to your job site.

To start the process of ordered a wood utility pole we first need an email from you with your contact information and address of the job. We will then either ask you for more information if needed or send you a quote. If you accept the quote we will then ask you to contact 811 for a mark out. For the pole to be installed 811 will first come mark out the location and tell you that there is nothing in the way that can be damaged. You notify us of the mark out and then we would arrange a date and time for installation. Our first installation typically starts at 8:00 am. The whole process takes usually less then 1 hour. We come to the site set up our truck , drill the hole , lift the wood utility pole into place and then back fill the hole with dirt.


Below are some pictures of an installation we recently completed.

There goes another wood utility pole installation.
Another completed wood utility pole installation project in Queens , NY .

Thank you to who ever invented the AUGER!!!
Greg removing dirt from the auger bit.
Greg drilling with his radio remove control auger truck.


We service Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx  , Manhattan  , Long Island , Nassau County , Suffolk County , Westchester , Yonkers and more..

We work with contractors , Con Edison , LIPA , home owners , DEP NYC , and other agencies.

Feel free to either email us @ or give us a  call at 718-374-5175.

You can also take a look at our facebook page @ 

We are also a sign repair company . NYC NEON REPAIR You can take a look at our facebook page @ or



We also remove wood utility poles that are not needed any more.


Wood utility poles removed and loaded into a dumpster.
Boom truck lifts the pole and the smaller bucket truck is used to get up there to hook the sling to the pole .
Going up to attach the crane to the pole.
Crane doing the heavy lifting for us !
9 Wood utility poles which were used for temporary electric have been removed and cut down to fit in a dumpster.

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The crew showed up exactly as scheduled and went to work immediately. They were good natured and knowledgeable-will not hesitate to use them in future. This is what good service should be!


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