NYC Flag Repair : Climbing Flagpoles



We are a full service flagpole company servicing NYC . Manhattan , Staten Island , Brooklyn , Bronx , Queens & Long Island.

Have a flagpole where a truck or boom can either not reach or it is not cost effective to be used? WE CLIMB FLAGPOLES

We own our own bucket trucks which we use to service flagpoles but there are poles that can not be reached by truck. You need some one to climb the pole to repair a flagpole.

For example there are many flagpoles in NYC ( Manhattan ) that are mounted to the roof of the building and it is not cost effective to hire a crane to repair so thats where we come in.

We climb flagpoles. We provide steeple jack services.Below are pictures of just a couple of jobs we have completed. Take a look at our Facebook page to see more pictures of similar jobs we have completed.

You can even take a look at a video on you tube

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Call us @ 718-374-5175 for all your flagpole climbing and repair jobs in NYC and beyond. We also travel to other states to make repairs . We service New Jersey & Connecticut.

We also make repairs of hardware on top. We replace flagpole trucks and gold balls. Typically the trucks are not removable so we have to cut the top of the pole ( truck) off with a sawzall . We then use whats called a pole top adapter which is a cup that goes on to the pole and has 3 set screws to hold it in place. The top of this cup is threaded to accept a new revolving truck. Once that is done we install the gold ball , and rope and climb back down.

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You can contact us via email @ or give us a call @ 718-374-5175 .

To start this process we typically ask for an email with a picture of the flagpole , an estimate of its height , and what the problem is. We review your email , and give you a quote . Once you accept we schedule our crew to complete the job.

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The crew showed up exactly as scheduled and went to work immediately. They were good natured and knowledgeable-will not hesitate to use them in future. This is what good service should be!


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