Outrigger flagpole Fabrication , Installation & Repair

NYC Flag Repair is a full service flagpole company. 

One of our most common products would be the ” outrigger flagpole ” .

An outrigger flagpole is usually a flag / banner pole which is attached to the building horizontally.

Outrigger flagpole with a custom banner
outrigger flagpole which is supported by a custom steel structure attached to the roof.


Outrigger flagpoles will help attract attention to your customers who are walking down the street. Its the perfect view for the customer to see your flag / banner in their regular field of vision so basically it is almost impossible to not see your advertisement.

There are two options in outrigger flagpoles.

The first option is our custom pole which an be made to stand at 90 degree, 60 degree or 45 degree . Our poles are 100 % aluminum pole starting at 2-1/2″ outside diameter aluminum tube welded to a 7x7x1/2″ aluminum plate. In the middle of the pole we weld two 1/2″ thick aluminum plates cut into a shape of a triangle for the kicker attachment point. Our competitors use a plumbing riser clamp which the kicker attaches to . The problem with that is if the clamp gets loose it will slide and typically that is what happens. Our welded kickers  attachment point prevent this from happening.

These poles require properly built structures that will be support the the flagpole  , flag and wind loads in heavy winds.


We also design and fabricate custom flags and banners as well. 


These types of poles do require maintenance . The maintenance that is needed would be the flags which tear ,break or the tie down attachment point on the flag which keeps the flag from wrapping around the pole breaks off.

The ropes that hold up the flag will eventually also break. Typically life span would be between 6-12 months depending on wind , storms , weather in general etc.Typical flagpole rerope would be around $350.

You can also take a look at out facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/nycflagrepair

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