Replace your steel flagpole with an aluminum pole instead of painting the steel pole





Do you have a steel pole that needs to be painted?

Would you like to save money on painting the flagpole now and in the future?

Well we can replace your existing steel pole with an aluminum pole with out replacing the foundation. We cut down you existing flagpole and leave a stub sticking out of the foundation to where we can weld our mounting plate. We weld a 3/4″ thick steel plate which gets welded to the old piece of flagpole which was coming out of the ground. This allows us to bolt up the new flagpole to this plate. Our welders (people and equipment) help us make this look easy.


Benefits of replacing a Steel pole with an aluminum pole?

  • Save money on paint jobs
  • Save the environment by being able to re use the existing foundaiton
  • Save the environment by not having new concrete delivered and not having to remove tthe old concrete foundation
  • looks better
  • steel poles were not tappered they were different diameter poles welded together. Those welds can fail.
Before. This is the original steel flagpole .
New aluminum flagpole 6″ butt diameter installed.








This allows you to replace the existing steel pole with a brand new aluminum flagpole that will not have to be replaced for many years to come.

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The crew showed up exactly as scheduled and went to work immediately. They were good natured and knowledgeable-will not hesitate to use them in future. This is what good service should be!


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