NYC Custom Banner Pole Fabrication

We fabricate , install and service all types of banners and banner poles. Call us for your next custom banners. We make appliqué , silk screened , and digitally printed banners.

Different types of pole application

We fabricate custom banner poles made out of aluminum.We can paint to your color. We also powder coat banner poles if needed. We also ship out banner poles all across America. Do you have a custom banner pole project and need help? We are here to help you figure out a solution to your advertising needs with banner poles

Above is a picture of how about kicker supports are mounted. We use 1/2″ aluminum plates cut into a triangle that allows for a kicker or support bar to attach onto.

Above is very rare to see but the collar works a little better but can still have movement.

Most companies do what is in the picture above here.There are multiple issues with this.
  1. The pole in the picture above is aluminum and brackets are steel. That’s a no-no because of corrosion.
  2. These clamps are plumbing clamps uses to hole pipe going through floors. They have two bolts on each clamp so if any of these bolts get loose the clamp will slide and make the pole lean or potential fall.
  3. It also looks very UGLY.
  4. When the wind is blowing around and the rope is rubbing on the bracket the rope is being damaged. Also if the flag gets caught on this bracket it can easily be ripped.
Typical Sizes

1) 2 3/8 diameter pole welded to a 1/2 thick plate

2) 1-inch diameter pole welded to a 1/2 thick plate which gets drilled out pole goes through the plate and gets welded on both sides for extra security.1 inch banner pole

Why choose our poles?

1)Our custom banner poles are made of 100% aluminum.

2) An aluminum banner pole will never rust so you don’t have to worry about maintenance (paint).

3)We can fabricate banner poles to your exact specifications. Pole thickness, plate thickness, and size, length, width, gauge of material.

Usually, we leave this with a bare aluminum sanded finish for the “industrial” look.

We can also paint or powder coat to any color you like.

Other pictures of jobs we have done

385 broadwayBanner poleBanner poles with spreader bar

Feel free to call us for you next banner pole quote.

We ship our products all over the America.

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